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Luuk Van Den Dries SF character Backstory

Venn diagram:

For this task I had to look at Lego and at Street Fighter look at their audiences, background and followers/fans in order to create a venn diagram which showed simplified groupings of what their audiences are about.

Venn Diagram
Lego VS Street Fighter

Using my research and tis venn diagram I was able to really understand the differences and similarities between The Lego scene and the Street Fighter scene. Using the data gathered I could effectively decide on certain details which my character needed such as a backstory as well as a certain look to it. If I wanted the character to look more towards the Street Fighter scene I would give it an arcadic feel to the look where as if I wanted the Lego look I was make it seem more childish and cartoony.

Lego franchise report: LEGO vs Film characteristics

Lego Street Fighter Top Trump write up.

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Evaluation write up.