This week for our tasks we had to write about what research we would be taking part in, as well as analyzing/explaining just what we have learned from our research.

2.2 Designing and interpreting research

This task is all about explaining how I’m going to do the research I need to do as well as what I do with the research after analyzing it. Using the data we would have just acquired from the primary research we would organize and refine my project ideas which I would be able to do based on the research I have will have gathered.

Task 1

My Project and its background.

Originally this was my project however through the designing phase, It was decided that with the help of  my tutors I would do a more appropriate/fitting project. However I wanted to show the evolution of my project so I have included all of my original research and documents.

My initial project concept was to produce 3-4 high quality concept art pieces for muscle cars which would be used within racing games such as Gran Turismo and Forza. In order for me to properly produce the concept ideas I will need to research and study the changes in muscle cars throughout the years. The reason I want to do this is that I have been interested in cars and driving ever since I was young. I have an interest in racing games as I play a great deal of racing games myself and I love the idea of feeling like I’m driving the cars. Gran Turismo has some unique concept cars within the game and the idea that I’m using cars that aren’t produced as well as are not located anywhere in real life excites me. I would like to design fictional concepts of cars that would excite other players in a similar way.

After conducting further research I adapted my idea. My new project concept is to design 2 concept cars from the 1970’s for a car combat game. Examples of these such things include the vehicles from the movie series Death Race (2008) and games such as Twisted Metal (1995-2012). I am to design these two concepts which fit the era as well as reflect the culture and style of the era onto the car too. These designs are for an independent games developer who is producing a new car combat game which is set in the 1970’s.

By changing the direction of my project I feel it gives me the opportunity to expand on my concept ideas and improve them further as these concepts are modified cars vs the regular car concepts I would be doing before. This creative freedom I am allowed gives me the opportunity to express myself over the bodies of these newly modified cars by which I could add weapons such as blades, spikes and guns to wherever I would like them to be, before I would’ve had to stick to a rigid theme of just customizing the body kits and accessories in the car.

Short Review of what I know about my Subject


Following the change in my projects direction The “Video Games” section of my mind map isn’t directly relevant at this point. Instead I would change it to “The 1970’s” which would allow me to branch off into all different categories such as Movies, Games and Skate/Surf culture.

Identify key areas where I need to develop my knowledge

My knowledge of the techniques used for concept art is a bit weak so that is what I would need to develop my knowledge for. Another area in which I would need to put more research into would be learning more about all of the different tools used within concept art. This statement is still true, even though my projects direction has changed I still don’t feel that I know enough about concept art techniques .

Suitable research methods and design research activities

The methods I would use whilst I’m researching my weak areas of knowledge would be asking structured questions in this group/community on PS4 which are all about racing games and all things cars. If I was researching the different techniques I would talk to people who have previously done Art or perhaps graphics previously in their school/college.

To research specific techniques such as Shape or proportions, I would take photographs and produce quick sketches of body parts/sections of cars as well as produce thumbnails which would be smaller versions of my final project ideas.

Complete research activities

Below is the photos I took for my primary research of cars as well as my sketches of certain car body parts, angles of car parts, shapes, positioning of certain parts of the car and shading.


Interpret the data from my research

Using my primary research I can conclude that my methods before researching perspective drawing as well as other techniques would not have provided great conceptual designs to which I wanted to display.

Organize and express my ideas

In order to organize my ideas as well as express then I’ll need to use the research I have done as well as the research I’m going to do in the near future. My idea for this project is to convey 3-4 high quality concept art pieces for muscle cars. I would like at least one of my concept pieces to be some kind of muscle car hybrid as there isn’t really many of them around and I think that my somewhat mainstream audience would love to see one as the idea isn’t thought about much.

Plan further research

On the 10 and 11th of June I plan to head down to Brands Hatch for the American Speed Fest V which will be filled with muscle cars, display cars and cars racing so I’ll be able to take some photos of the cars as well as do some sketches whilst I am there.


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