Extended Project 2.1: Task 1 Literature Review.

This task is for us to check our sources and to make sure all that we are using for our project is directly relevant towards our aims/outcomes.

Concept Art car designs and examples

The links below show examples of different concept art cars and concept cars that were used in movies/games. These would give should me some inspiration about what I would be doing for my project.





Drawing Techniques | Step by Step Drawing

These articles below describe just how exactly how the top artist draws sing his style, the bottom link however is just a general guide on how to draw a Lamborghini.



Perspective Drawing

Two Point Perspective Drawing

This is an article which describes how to draw in two point perspective. I will be able to use this page if I decide to do my concept car’s pose and general features in two point perspective.


One Point Perspective Drawing

This is an article which describes how to draw in one point perspective. I will be able to use this page if I decide to do my concept car’s pose and features within one point perspective.



YouTube Video

This video below is showing two brothers who make a living, make cars which are custom cars as well as replicas of stuff from movies such as “The Assault Tumbler” from The Dark Knight Rises and “The Shredder” from Battleship.

This link below is showing some footage of the “Flip Car”, the actors and the directors/producers talked about the inspirations of the car itself, how the car performs as well as describing the features of the car (Noise of the car “The noise it makes is like having a Trex open its mouth right behind you”


This is the box set of the movies Fast and furious series which is all about cars, action scenes and driving fast. I can use these elements for insiperation when I will be drawing and posing my custom concept cars.

https://www.amazon.co.uk/Fast-Furious-1-7-DVD-Diesel/dp/B00VBPX4OC (Link to purchase box set)

As far as concept cars go, The tumbler(Batmobile) is one of the most unique I’ve seen. This will hopefully provide me with some valueble inspiration and allow me to generate some unique ideas of my own.

https://www.amazon.co.uk/Batman-Superman-Justice-Digital-Download/dp/B01D64VT6K/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1493910903&sr=8-1&keywords=batman+vs+superman+dvd (Link to purchase dvd)

TV Shows

This tv show “SuperCar Superbuild” shows all the aspects that are to do with the making of certain cars. Using the information they will show. I will hopefully be able to use this to help me decide on a design and alter my specifications/parts of the drawings I produce if I need to.

http://www.radiotimes.com/tv-programme/e/djtf5m/supercar-superbuild-episode-guide/series-1/2 (Placehold for Link to SuperCar Superbuild)


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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Includes Digital Download DVD 2016: Amazon.co.uk: Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Zack Snyder: DVD & Blu-ray. 2016. [Film] Directed by Zack Snyder. United States of America: DC Comics, Warner Bros, Syncopy Inc, DC Entertainment Inc, Atlas Entertainment, RatPac-Dune Entertainment, Cruel and unsual films..

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This was an interesting task to do as it really allowed me to think about what really on behind the finished product.

FMP 2.1: Task 2 Primary Research

The intent of my project is to produce my own concept art of cars which could be used for a unique car within a game as well as to research how muscle cars have changed over the years.

Research on different car looks, decals and body modifications.

Located below is many, many examples of primary research (Taking Pictures) which I took with my standard iPhone camera. The pictures can be edited later for annotations etc if it would be beneficial to my project. This is just one way in which I will be able to gather research on my chosen area of expertise. This particular set of research is from my trip to the bhp event at Lydden Hill on the 1st of May. The pictures show different cars that have been modified; some have been modified for drifting, other just track racing and some have just had the performance modified.

All of these pictures I have taken and analysed will still prove useful to my developed idea, which means I can still do what I originally was going to do with the pictures. I would be using them for the purpose of looking at bodywork features such as cut offs of certain pieces. How others are put together and certain performance parts due to the cars needing to be fast as well.


Another way I would be researching these different angles on cars as they drift, the way the cars turn etc would be experimenting, these experiments would take place on pen and paper so I could see what would be wrong and either fix the problem or annotate the piece so I would know the problem for the next time I attempt to experiment that particular area or object.

As my project has been developed, so have my research criteria. One way I got around researching 1970s combat cars is by watching the film deathrace 2000 which you can find on YouTube. (Posted Below)

Another way I managed to do research for these particular cars since obviously I cannot time travel back to when the movies were being shot. I made an analytic piece on Photo Shop.

Vision, M., 2015. Death Race 2000 (1975) English. [Online]
Available at: https://youtu.be/BbMH97-pau0
[Accessed 5th June 2017].

 deathrace cars analysis

I have included what I thought to be pointless, what I thought could have been done better and my general observations.

Research on skills and techniques I’ll need to use. 

For my research on skills and techniques, I would be emailing/messaging people whom have taken art before for tips and tricks that they would have learned from their time studying that area of expertise, this includes some of the students within the group and famous people who have or had successful art/concept art careers.

Research for my audience.

To enable me to get a grasp of just whom I would be making my concept art for I would conclude a survey on Facebook about who plays racing games, who goes to car/racing events and just who does all of the above that would allow me to see the bigger picture of just how many people would potentially be interested in my products.

Overall my conclusion from the help of my primary research Is that I think I would be able to produce good concept art as well as know exactly whom would/potentially could take interest in my concept art and help me take it to the next level or get it produced into some games such as Rocket League as an in-game dlc.