Task 1 is an Info-graphic which I have produced and posted below.

Our first of the 5 tasks for the week was to look into our specific industry which were working on for out project and see exactly how our work would fit into it.




Following a discussion with tutors which helped the development of my initial idea I am able to further explore the development of my concepts. As there aren’t a lot of car franchises to date. There isn’t really much room for innovation as  the cars would have to fit into the rules/regulations of the games. This means that when designing my cars for the initial project I wouldn’t be able to express myself and play around with the car. Thus my project needed to be developed from what it was, to what it is now.

Task 2: Identify the relevant equipment you would need in a professional context to complete your project

Provide details, explaining why it is needed

Graphite pencils which should have a 2B for general sketching and shading, a 6B for dark shadows, and a 4H for light areas. Kneaded erasers don’t leave any residue behind which is why they’re so great to work with. Another benefit of kneaded erasers is that you can give it different shapes in order to erase small areas of shading to create light in your drawings. Coloured pencils will be a necessary if I wish to bring my sketches to life and give the car character when I do full car sketches with colour. A drawing/sketching pad is as necessary to artists as oxygen is to human beings this is because they need it for everything that they do, when they get inspiration or perhaps just when they think of something. If you want to keep your pencils sharp and crisp for the perfect lines you desire you’ll need to acquire a pencil sharpener so you can maintain the sharpness of your pencils. I will need my Laptop (which can run Photoshop and Unreal Engine 4) in case I decide to do any of the sketching for digital use and for renditions. If I choose to do it the other way I can in fact use something called and scanner to scan and send my work over to my computer/Laptop. If I had decided to do any of my sketches on my laptop I would need to use a program we have been learning in college called Photoshop which allows to edit and manipulate the photos and sketches ad and when we need to.

Provide examples of the hardware, software or other technology

Drawing Utensils

2B pencils, 6B pencils, 4H pencils, Kneaded eraser, Artist’s Loft fundamental sketch pad, coloured pencils and Pencil Sharpener.


Samsung RF511 15.6 inch Notebook – Black (Intel Core i5 2450M 2.5GHz, RAM 8GB, HDD 1TB, DVD-SM DL, LAN, WLAN, BT, Webcam, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit)

Canon CanoScan LiDE120 Flatbed Scanner


Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop)

These are the system requirements of the program Photoshop so that it may run.

  • Intel® Pentium® 4 or AMD Athlon® 64 processor.
  • Microsoft® Windows Vista® or Windows® 7 with Service Pack 1 or Windows 8.
  • 2 GB of RAM.
  • 1 GB of available hard-disk space.
  • 1024 x 768 display.

Provide details of prices:

  • 2B pencil £0.91
  • 6B pencils set-12 £5.38
  • 4H pencils set-12 £4.07 (On sale was £5.09)
  • Kneaded eraser £2.57
  • Artist’s Loft fundamental sketch pad £5.00
  • Marco Raffine coloured pencils 48-pk £10.99 (Free delivery for orders over £20)
  • Swordfish The Triple 3 Hole Canister Pencil Sharpener £3.49 (Free delivery for orders over £20)
  • Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop) £20.22/month
  • Canon CanoScan LiDE120 Flatbed Scanner £59.57.
  • Samsung RF511 15.6 inch Notebook – Black (Intel Core i5 2450M 2.5GHz, RAM 8GB, HDD 1TB, DVD-SM DL, LAN, WLAN, BT, Webcam, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit) £324.00 (Used)


The equipment listed and described above is what I would use for my initial project as well as my developed project. Both projects are concept art so they would require the same equipment.

Compare this to the equipment to which you currently have access to.

At home I have access to a whole range different stationary products but they would only be school grade pencils, rubbers and single sharpeners with barely any colouring pencils. Another piece of equipment I would even have access to not notebooks but old school books which could be used as notebooks. this is because my mother works in a school and gets some of these supplies for free.

Samsung RF511 15.6 inch Notebook – Black (Intel Core i5 2450M 2.5GHz, RAM 8GB, HDD 1TB, DVD-SM DL, LAN, WLAN, BT, Webcam, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit). Those are the specs of my current laptop which I am able to run all that I  need (Photoshop If I need to use it.

If you need something to which you don’t have access, how would you solve this problem?

I could potentially ask my fellow class mates if they have what I require and If i could borrow such items. If that doesn’t work I could ask to borrow money from my parents if money is the problem then pay them back.

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Task 3 Target audience

This particular task is one of great importance as it would directly affect how the games sell and just what kind of profit margins there would be as well as whether or not the developers can continue making hit games/GOTY nominations or perhaps making complete failures which turn out to sell hardly any copies of the game.

One important thing to note about the Racing game genre is that its become less and less talked about over time with the development of more realistic software as well as other game genres upping their game too. Other than what I’ve noticed, within the sources for below are some forums where other fans have noticed the same thing or are just proclaiming that they are boring/ they hate the games.

The development of my Project has led me to re-evaluate my work and I was able to conclude that my research regarding target audiences is still relevant due to the two target profiles would still possibly like my concept art for the new project idea.

Create fictional profiles that identify two different audience members for your work

Provide identities for your audience members

rovide age, gender, occupation, income and education details

Provide a psychometric summary of the type of person (attitudes, interests, lifestyle, likes and dislikes)

Make sure these are supported by research!

Profile 1

Name: Ryan Schwifter

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Education/occupation: Works at MacDonald’s (16 – 17 year old’s earn £4.25 an hour, 18 – 21 year old earn £4.65, 22 years and above earn £5.55 an hour and Trainee Managers receive a starting salary between £18.5 and £21.5k per annul).

Attitudes, Interests and Lifestyle:  Ryan believes that life is meant to be lived in the moment, no slow moments with him around as he’ll be sure do everything quickly and move on.  He enjoys working on his car, going out clubbing and spending days at race tracks thinking he’ll be one of them someday.

Likes: Driving fast. huge engines on cars, fast food and breaking the speed limit.

Dislikes: police, low speed limits, slow drivers and the law.

Profile 2

Name: Chloe Kendall

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Education/occupation: Works at MacDonald’s (16 – 17 year old’s earn £4.25 an hour, 18 – 21 year old earn £4.65, 22 years and above earn £5.55 an hour and Trainee Managers receive a starting salary between £18.5 and £21.5k per annul).

Attitudes, Interests and Lifestyle: Chloe enjoys taking things slow to really relish in the moment. She enjoys long walks on the beach, deep conversations and spending time with people.

Likes: Pink, Meet ups with friends at the mall, playing puzzle games and following the rules.

Dislikes: Not being treated right, being single and when someone breaks the law.

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Task 4 Research jobs

Identify the following:





Personal attributes

Identify existing practitioners working in that role

Concept artists

Concept Artists would usually work on big budget sci-fi, fantasy or historical films where visual and special effects create design spectacles, fantastical creatures or other invented elements. There are usually a number of Concept Artists, each working on a specific element, e.g., a fantastical creature and/or scene. Concept Artists start work at the beginning of pre-production, up to six months before filming /development is due to begin. Concept Artists must produce illustrations that are striking but also accurate and clear. They work on illustrations throughout the shoot and may often be required to change and adapt their original ideas as filming progresses.


You can study an arts school course with a focus on getting an art degree whilst learning drawing skills, graphics and conceptualizing ideas e.g., fine art, graphics, illustration etc.


All art related skills would be useful as a concept artist would need to be able to show mood, genre light etc all within a picture, as well as having certain skills for the job itself. It would be useless to assume you could get by with just those. You need people skills too. These include


When concept artists are trying to find themselves a job within the industry, some employers would highly prefer that those who are applying have atleasta few years of experience doing concept at so they would know what they doing. Other employers however would like the applicants to have formal training in art to provide adequate skills for the job.


Knowledge is important, although if you’re applying for a job It would be an assumption that as well as having certain knowledge of your job (Concept art). You should have a lot of knowledge towards the certain industry that they’ll be trying to fit into.

Personal Attributes.

Personal attributes of these jobs would include your creativity; example if you’re told do some concept art of a certain thing, you draw it and think it differently to other people who would have possibly been hired  for the job. Other personal things about this job is your unique drawing style, everyone will have a different style which could be very similar to others but its unique nonetheless.

Games Artist

Games Artists are there to create the very look of the game from everything such as sets, objects and characters – props and concept art. There are various specialisms within the art department, including 3D object modelling, character design, textures, and environments. Each Artist has responsibility for the creation of particular art assets with a game, but there is also a lot of movement between roles.


Most Artists in the games industry possess a degree or HND in an art subject, such as fine art, graphic design or illustration. You should also learn how to use 3D graphics packages such as 3D Studio Max, Maya,  etc., and 2D packages such as Photoshop.


learn how to use 3D graphics packages such as 3D Studio Max, Maya,  etc., and 2D packages such as Photoshop. You would need to have the necessary people skills to communicate efficiently and follow instructions by the Lead artist.


Having experience within the industry is almost a necessity as you would need have known what they look like so you could produce something to the specific standards or better.


If you’re creating game assets it is very important that you have knowledge of sensitive subjects so that you don’y offend the audience as well as know whats popular so you could fully utilize the popularity of certain things at those times.

Personal Attributes.

Personal attributes of this criteria would be adding your own little flare to the assets, concept art props etc so that it would be looking different from the “Norm”.


The job research is viable for my developed project idea as even though my idea was developed as it has progressed. It’s still concept art so the jobs would be the same. The only thing that has changed is the brief and what would be designed.

Bibliography for task 4

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Task 5 Identify and explain the legal requirements of the project

What I am doing for my project is studying the advancements muscle cars over the years and producing a range of top quality concept art for the use in games.

The legal requirements of my project is that I do not breach other peoples copyrights and take other peoples work to use for my own purpose (To gain notoriety and profit) and to make sure my copyright isn’t breached by other people who steal my work and use it for their personal benefit.

Identify paperwork you will need to produce

With my project being concept art for cars to be used in a racing game element I don’t think there would be too much paperwork produced.


Explain how copyright law is relevant to you, your work and the work of others in the context of your project:

Copyright within my project is very very relevant as I will be creating Intellectual Property (IP) which means it would legally belong to the college I’m currently studying at. Copyright exists so that nobody would be able to steal the work created by others and use it for your own personal gain and as a concept artist which is about bringing new ideas to life I have to be very careful I don’t use others work without realizing.

Use of trademarks

A trademark can be a name, word, slogan, design, symbol or other unique device that identifies a product or organisation. So long as I don’t use a companies slogan, logo or name My work would be free of infringement. One thing I would have to be very cautious of, is the use of car brand badges or using a very similar shape to the original cars.

Use of music

My project doesn’t have music within it, although if I did have to use music I would usually needs a license/ permission to use it if it belongs to someone else. In order to obtain that license/permission I would contact the owner/creator of the product and talk with them about the fair use of their product.

Use of intellectual property

Intellectual property has another name, which is creations of the mind and as such they are the persons property. The intellectual property created would be protected under the copyright law where you would need permission to use the work as well as claim that is isn’t your work.

Health and Safety

Working in an art studio there wouldn’t naturally be any major risks beside the obvious ones such as too many plugs into one socket, if there’s loose wires and a generally untidy work station which would have rubbish everywhere/not-useful things lying around.

To minimize the risks of anything happening I would make sure my work station is clear of anything unnecessary, all wires are tucked away and that the plugs are spaced out evenly so they don’t overload a single socket.

Bibliography for task 5 

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Homework Task

This skills for my project which is concept art are rather simple and are as follows; sketching, shading so that I can accurately get the look of the certain aspects I would be drawing and shading so that I could show light and depth without the use of colours. lighting/colouring would be the use of colours and direction colouring to show a certain light source as well as convey meaning through colour. Possibly Photoshop if I would need to scan it in to do certain aspects I couldn’t do by hand and lastly proportions, this skill is important due to the fact that if your proportions aren’t right nothing is going to look right, symmetrical or otherwise.