Idea NO.1: Concept design.

My first idea was perhaps to do concept design for some cars, particularly Some Dodge Chargers or some Chevrolet Cameros. I would do an original design much like one I have already made of the 1970’s Dodge Charger, then I would take it upon myself to make a concept for a new car or just generally improve the car.

I am considering this because I want to leave a mark in the car industry and feel like I’ve made a difference and really taken my research into accommodation/taken my time and done some proper designs. I could potentially make my version of a car, or perhaps my own unique car which would be pretty amazing.

It is important to me because I love everything about cars, everything about cars brings me personal enjoyment and i feel that because I physically enjoy doing it that I would be more motivated to improve it/show off.

The skills I would be using in this particular idea would be drawing and my skills that I’ve learned a while ago thanks to my first Hansel and Gretel project.

My target audience would be a range of people, from the average car fanatic, The car companies that would be interested in my designs particularly to perhaps boy racers just looking to spruce up their little Peugeot 106’s etc.

I would research heavily into Aerodynamics as that would greatly influence how the car is designed and what design aspects go into it.

Idea NO.2: Pixel art concept design.

My second idea was to produce and explore all possibilities around pixel art versions of cars and potentially experiment with different techniques of shading and light on pixel art for particular models of cars.

I feel as though my pixel art creations could help the pixel art industry with making cars and implementing them into their games and whatever other uses (Possibly promotional material) that they would need for them.

This task is important to me because it would help me with proceed with increasing my portfolio of work to show off/ help me get noticed by potential employers.

I would be using a whole bunch of skills during the making my pixel art as I would have to take in and think about positioning, colour, lines, proportions and more, but that would give me a much better understanding of what has to be done to make a great piece of concept art made in a pixel art style.

My target audience would be a mixture of 2 groups as it would bring together two completely different groups in a place of common ground as they would both potentially like what was being developed.

The research I would be carrying out would involve playing/watching games that in the past would’ve been made how I’d like to develop some of my own. I would also partake in watching of YouTube videos whilst taking notes.

Idea NO.3: Similarities|differences between older and newer versions of the cars. (Research Task)

My final idea I was think about doing a research task between some older and some more modern versions of the cars E.G. 1970’s Dodge Charger Vs 2015 Dodge Charger. which I think it would be somewhat fun as I could research what made the chargers change from how they were in 1970’s to how they are today.

I am considering this idea thanks to my love/passion of muscle cars which is has made me curious as to what made the designers at Dodge for example change their minds on how they wanted the car to look over the course of the 45 years.

This is important to me due my fascination of these types of cars ever since I was about 8. This would allow me to see further into the motor car industry and exactly how their minds work in terms of making/designing new concepts of cars.

The skills I would be using for this particular task/project is mostly my research skills as I would rely on my ability to fact check as I would have to make sure the information I would be finding out was true and not false spreading information.

My target audience would be Car enthusiasts of all ages, but I’d imagine that most of my audience would turn out to be the older generations as they are typically the ones whom would prefer to know the cars heritage and pedigree.

The research tasks I’ll would include visits to dealerships if I can to see the newer generations for myself. I would also be looking up the specific statistics of the older generations of cars, these specs include how much the older the Dodge’s would go in terms of miles to the gallon, Engine size, Brake horse power and then compare everything to the newer 2015 models.