In this blog post I will be explaining my beliefs, what I know about Radicalization and what us as creative students can do to help it.

What is Prevent?

Prevent is the government organised operation which they do everything in their power to keep young people and vulnerable people safe from extremest and terrorist groups.

How do people become radicalized?

People become radicalized when they get targeted by extremist or terrorist group and they force their beliefs on you. You then act on those beliefs that weren’t your own, Other ways in which you can radicalize people is by buying them stuff, some groups can buy people items in order to get them to believe in what they do.

What are the signs that someone is being radicalized?

Their behaviors change, their opinion changes basically them as a person changes.

How can you, as a creative make a difference to help the prevent strategy?

We, as a creative can help by making people more aware of the signs of being radicalized, we can call and let the authorities / the appropriate people know who can help those who are being radicalized.

My Opinions of radicalization.