Tile set creation.

This is a few screenshots of what my tile set is going to look like. I started off with some grey looking rocks, but as I was steam rolling ahead with my tiles, I realised that my background was of streets, back walls and massive buildings so I would need some bricks walls and holes in those brick walls which is what I changed too. These brick wall tiles would benefit me so much more than rocks would so I changed my idea for the better.

When creating these tile sets its very difficult to start off with I found out the hard way. Finding a decent reference image which would suit my environment was tricky but I found one, soon after I had completed my first which would be repeated and copied. At that pont in which i had competed my tile I had to make sure it was seemless, thus I had to place an offset to make it so I could see wether it would offset the way i wanted it too.

Once the offset was removed and any errors altered to make everything right i then had to make a new document that was big enough to have space to move things around if i needed to, I settled with 256 x 256 pixels although my block was 16 x 16 it would mean I have more than enough room to experiment with al possibilites.

A total of 24 different tiles had to be made which in my screenshots provided I have shown progress towards the full amount of tiles needed. Some of the corners were dificult to make because I had to go and make/edit these individual images/tiles to the right specification. The tools used were very simple. Pencil tool for the colouring, Eraser tool for the making of the cracks – destroyed wall – holes in walls and the fill tool for colouring in those background squares to help with organisation of all the pieces.


These tile sets of a brick wall, located above serve as a representation of my idea for the tile set i think will represent my custom game world best. They will be there to blend in with the background and force the player to pay closer attention to properly see the meanings behind different things but to also see the full game as I wish it to be conveyed.


Promotional Material (Character Top Trump)


These pieces of promotional material is to advertise the Good things, stats and reasons as for why our main characters are doing what they are currently doing. These “Top Trump” cards of our main game characters and villains are there to serve as hyping tools, to bring attention towards the game and to get people excited or the game as a whole.