Level design and character design

During week 4 our minds were set on a Designing certain aspects of our level and our characters into pixel art form.

Fidel Castro enemy Character Design.

This is a very generalized process of how I made my enemy Fidel Castro, whom is holding the final blueprint piece. You (the player) have to fight him in order to get the final piece and win. First when designing the baddie I had to research which I had found that he had lead an overthrow of the military dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista in 1959 he was Cuban leader until 2008 when he handed power to his brother. With these facts in mind I thought he’d be perfect for an evil dictator whom wanted to build the death ray for himself.

The process started off with having to do a silhouette of my overall design then refining it till I had done what I wanted it to look like. Screenshots provided below.

Fide castro silloutteFide castro coloured

Character reference images.

Nikola Tesla, physicist, engineer and inventor of alternating current power, early 1900s

Nikola Tesla 1

Tesla 2

Nikola Tesla 2

tesla 3

Nikola Tesla 3

Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro

Level reference images.

1960s flats1960s flat.1960s house1960s house.1960s theatre1960s theatre.

Pixelart environments / levels.

Below I have provided screenshots of how I setup my environment/ level and the progression of my 3 different levels. Although the setup was the easy part designing a pixelart level was no easy task. Some of my first thoughts was that it’d be fairly easy, “I’ll have this done in no time” that was no where near the case unfortunately. Some of the problems I had ran into whilst flexing my creative muscles took me quite a while to figure out a feasible solution which in hindsight could’ve taken about 5 minutes.

My street design wasnt working and so I decided to switch it up with a little 1 point persepctive work for added variety to it. This allowed me to effectively combat my design problems and and a different perspective to the level.  Once I was finished with the final design of the levels and added colour to them I wanted to shade the level for even more style points and emmersion. Screenshots provided below where possible.

Environment setup

Environment ColouringEnvironment finish 3Environment finish 2


I feel as though this week has been good for me. I was able to decide on whom my “baddy” was going to be, and what my levels would look like. I feel as though all I’ve learned from the first couple of weeks were put to good use.