This blog post shows all my work from unit 3.


Locate, access and use information to support own development.

This is my “Meet the team” info-graphic. In this I highlight just a few key players in the development and producing of the game “Destiny”. (This is for 1.1, 2.1 and 2.2)


This Piece of work specifically has taught me just how much work and just how many people have to be working full time to be able to produce a AAA game.


This is my “Indie Dev Toolbox” Info-graphic, is shows what I’ve researched and what you’ll roughly need to have when it comes to being an indie company. It includes Skills, costs, software, hardware and and all other kinds of accessories. This is for 1.1, 2.1 and 2.2


What I’ve┬álearned is that there’s a massive difference between Indie companies and AAA games companies and publishers (More so than I originally thought).


Critically evaluate a range of working practices and methods.




Apply knowledge of working practices to support own development.

This is the mind map of of the key processes of making a 3D game. ( this is for 2.1 and 2.2)





Organise self and work to meet deadlines and targets.

Final evaluation:

How did you ensure that you completed your work and met your deadlines?

I set targets and I worked through my own time to complete these targets even though I would get distracted, I was doing my best to ignore all distractions and complete my work to the best of my abilities. I did not have a physical plan or nothing to aid me in that sense, but I did have my mind which I was able to work effectively from.


Demonstrate consideration and professionalism in working with others.

I would use and apply more primary than secondary research in the future as secondary is not always useful/trustful and Primary you go and get yourself so it is 100% trustworthy. The foreseeable future has me, going more in depth about each source and looking at more sites in general so that I may validate what I’ve been finding out.