This blog post is to show my work from unit 1.


Apply understanding of a range of processes to support media activities.

Paper cut Limbo, Sound project. (No screenshots as I forgot)

When we were first introduced to sound we were given the task of watching a clip, of the game “Limbo” and then describe what we saw. and write notes on it. we were later then tasked with thinking about it and to then go away and make it sound as realistic as we could, There was a twist however… we had to use paper to make our sounds. The students that were tasked with this then had the liberty of a small amount of time to practice making sounds.

Once the students had done some practicing we had to go find a place within the college that we thought didn’t or wouldn’t have much or any reverb. Our group chose the males bathroom as it was during lesson time, we figured it wouldn’t have anyone there. One small recording session later, we were back in our lesson and we then had to retrieve our sounds from the memory stick, which had been taken out of the Zoom recording devices and placed onto the memory stick.

Time flew by as we gathered and sorted the new audio files from the memory stick, we took the gathered files into audacity where we would then have to make a new project, import the Limbo video file that we would be dubbing our sounds on to, remove the previous audio that we had listened too then we had the experience of making our sounds fit on to the clip where we saw fit.

Textured Cube. (I wasn’t here for one of the days we did this so I don’t have screenshots)

This is the first instance when we attempted to practice texturing some assets. We had to create a box on 3DS Max which was as simple as click on the create tab, then click on box and then click and drag inside the area to create the size by width, length and height. Once the box has been created we were then tasked with finding anything we wanted the box to be as long as it made sense by going onto “”.

After the texture had been found all that was left to do was to unwrap our box ready for the texture to be applied. So we would add an “Unwrap Modifier” by going to the modify tab and then scrolling to find Unwrap. After the Unwrap had been applied we had found our texture ready we could then click “open UV Editor” we could then re-arrange the vertices and sides to fit our box and its sides onto the UV editor box.

Once had arranged it to our specifics we then save it and take it into Photoshop (64 -bit) where we would make that a layer, then make a new layer for the black background to be able to see the saved UV properly. We could then bring in our texture, copy it across to place it above the Saved UV and the background, this would allow us to save it and take the saved product back into 3DS Max and press m to bring up materials tab, we would drag the saved finished texture on one of the spheres and then we’d be able to drag the textured sphere onto the box voila your box has your specific texture.

Term 1 Project Hansel and Gretel.

Tree asset.


Reference image for my tree asset.


The start of my 3D asset for the tree that’s going to be within my 3D environment. Thi9s is just a cylinder to the height of the tree and the box being scaled to the rough height of the Character we’ll be making soon.


This is the Progress of adding additional branches. We Made new lines and drew them lines from the rough middle of the cylinder that’s already in place. The reason for drawing it in the middle is so it doesn’t show the start of the cylinder.


This is after we’ve done the Soft selecting which we used to pull, pinch and drag along the one axis to give the tree more depth when looking at it from a different angle then straight at the front.



This is the ports that we had to select then right click and “weld selected”

Ginger Bread house asset.

This is my reference image I will be using for my house design.

This is the link for the texture i found on the website “” “”


This is where I am taking my already created Chamfer box and I’m adding an “UnWrap UVW” and then adding my texture (Previously shown) onto the wall.

Ginger Bread Man


This is the almost finished 3D model. When producing the texture for this model in particular I messed up when it came to sorting out the placements and so the buttons, eyes, mouth and eye brows are not textured correctly. This has taught me a lesson that I should take more time to ensure this is completed properly.

Candy Cane

Reference image for forest in autumn ground level foliage 1:

pryzmat (Accessed 03/11/2016) (No date)


Winter Wonderland reference picture 1.

Aleksander Pali (Accessed 03/11/2016) (No date)



Larkey Valley Woods Autumn reference picture 2.

Explore Kent (Accessed 03/11/2016) ( No date)


Snowy forest with a path reference picture 2.

snowy-forest-2 (No date)

These for pictures are what ive used when it came to thinking of ideas, they are all completely different and so provided a huge range of ideas that i could have made/imported to my environment.


This is the texture I will used for my Autumn grass if i decide to use that idea. This here is a screenshot of the finished texturing

Confectionery sweet 3d asset.

Gum Drop sweet asset:


This is my gum drop  asset that i made to be textured. I used a few different tools to do this; which were the Sphere tool, to make the sphere itself then I went to the modify tab, selected “Edit Poly” which allowed me to do a few things such as cutting the sphere in half to show just a semi circle. After that i used the border select tool which I used to close off the semi circle.

Once the semi  circle was closed up, I could begin to mold it to my design in this case i wanted to make a Gum Drop. This was my reference image.


Setting up 3D environment in Unreal Engine 4

This is the start up of my environment. This is from the Epic Games Launcher (Unreal Engine 4) which is free to download. We first had to set up the level/environment area where we would be doing all of our designing and modifying to what we need it to be. so to do this we had to load Unreal Engine 4, then when it took us to its default map we had to start a new level an change the size from 63 x 63 Quads to 31 x 31 Quads.


This picture represents me texturing the green ground from the previous picture. but before we put the texture on it there was a few things we needed to know how to do; these were CTRL L – levels to make it darker and CTRL U – is for saturation levels. after learning some of the controls we wee told we had to go on to “” and then find some seamless textures for a path and our grass.

Next we were instructed to make new folders for everything, these were; Audio, Landscape, Map, Materials, Models and Textures. once we were done with the folders we had to drag the materials into what would be known as our Landscape material. in order to do that we had to go to our material editor layer co-ords by double clicking on our Landscape Material.  Considering we was inside the editor it was time to set the material up to change what our grass/ground’s texture looked like.


This is the finished texture of the ground. after have added all of the modifiers and blends from previous picture. We had the options of making it more defined and less repetitive by adding a spec map and a normal map, we made these by taking our default materials into photoshop.






This is the finished Environment however


3D Environment Walk Through 



Apply media processes and skills safely and appropriately


This is an example of a tidy computer room, As you can see all of the wires this is one of the ways we can keep ourselves safe. Other ways include not having liquids right next to the computer, having your bags under desks and keeping the fire exits (Doors and windows) clear at all times in case of an emergency.


Critically compare a range of communication methods used to convey meaning in creative media production.

Sound Comparison and Analysis Task

The Last Of Us Clip. The last of us is a post apocalyptic world horror/action survival game, it features you, Playing as Joel (and Ellie on occasions). who has a job to transport Ellie a young girl who is supposedly immune to the virus, across what seems to be the whole country to a headquarters of the fire flies.

Starts at 6:00. (Between 6:00 – 8:00) once they evacuate the grounds. Until then horse’s cantering, Tommy’s horse is galloping. The point in time where they hit the road, the horses hoof’s make a louder and more solid sound, This is because of the transfer between overgrown weeds/grass on the floor to the tarmac on the road. This is so it conveys the ideas of the weight of the horse and the different types of terrain you’ll encounter as and when you’re riding the horse. The birds chirping in the background for a few seconds Helps with bringing you into the immersion of the Forrest scene and background. There is also a metal sound to the way Joel’s riding the horse, when the horse gallops, the metal on the reigns is clingking.

6:34 When Joel and Tommy, on horse back enter the tunnel the sound  Almost immediately the sound is amplified by the tunnels walls and everything within the  tunnel are made to sound louder. At the point in time the music is more complex adding what sounds like 2 guitars but of them is playing backup to the other to provide some bonus effect, this is to attempt to help and create some feeling of longing. To help Joel feel like he matters and that he needs Ellie back.

7:18 The music is more complex then ever almost changing it altogether. This is to help the effect of what Joel says “Ellie. What ‘re you thinking?” This is to implement a feeling of sadness and genuine concern as during the whole of the campaign up until then Joel is taking care of Ellie, at first because of the contract but then after a while he starts to care for her like a daughter.

Borderlands 2 clip.

This clip of Borderlands 2 (6:00-8:00)kicks off with the player selecting his character which in this case was Salvador. The player presses “Resume” and then a countdown activates to make anybody whom maybe listening aware they are loading into the game. The sounds grow louder as the countdown ends, with a strange effect making you think you’ve been Teleported. Once loaded into the game you are met by a robot digging, This is a CL4P-TP steward bot also known as Claptrap. He will guide you for the main part of the first half of the story line. Before he introduces himself he starts out with a very white screen as early on you’ve been introduced to the villain of the tale known as Handsome Jack, by Claptrap saying “Great, Another dead vault hunter, Handsome Jack’s been busy” meaning he kills Vault Hunters  for sport basically.

At 6:56 Claptrap gives you something called an “ECHO communicator” Which when automatically installed makes a lot of futuristic sounds which resembles a computer booting up, and the noises, which the pitch rises and becomes higher gives the impression that the sequence has loaded

Sims 4 Clip. (13:30 – 15:00)

At the start of the clip, there are birds chirping away this shows the user its a friendly, natural environment. Once the user has the building menu, the music begins. it adds very tranquil element to the music which makes it seem like a very calming environment.

As the player flickers through the menus and selects different things it makes different sounding “clicks” and “bips” making seem like a user friendly sounds that’s also in a way fun to listen too as well. At the time of the player picking things up and placing them down, they is a light sounding “plop” to a loud sounding thump at 14:11, this is when he places down a room, something very heavy, thus is requires a loud sound, this adds a whole lot of immersion due to the fact that it gives the game depth and that things sound like they are light or heavy to move within the game.

Overall this has got me thinking about sound as more than just noise to make sense of the game and the visuals.


What is 3D modeling?

3D modeling is something you do by using specific programs such as; 3DS Max and designed to aid you in making the 3D assets which are 3D models of 2D things that were designed.

” Creating images in the computer by designating and manipulating their width, height and depth. 3D modeling and “3D stereo” are not the same. 3D modeling is used to create images in the computer that may or may not be rendered in stereoscopic 3D, which provides the illusion of real depth” found on (1996-2016) Availible at: (accessed 08/12/16).

Comparison Task For Meaning between 2 contrasting games.


Outlast is a First-Person Horror, a game which their only objective is to jump scare the hell out of you and creep you out with the eerie atmosphere the whole time. You play as a “Journalist Miles Upshur” who seemingly will not give up until he finds out exactly whats happening at that asylum.

Whilst playing along the game will get to you even if you dont want it too, you’ll find yourself being overly cautious for just a normal corpse on the floor as you subconscious will tell you that it’ll leap up at you when walk past, Even though only a few do that.

Meaning is created in an interesting way in Outlast as there are some lights within the asylum, but other than the far and few you, the player has the light, a night vision function on the camera. It basically allows the player to choose where and what they see, huge pile of blood that you don’t like? look away from it. This helps to allow a whole new situation where the player is basically creating their own environment based on the player completely.


Borderlands Franchise
Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 is one of the best games to be released in my opinion, it’s a cartoon styled game Action, RPG “Shoot ‘n’ Loot” the 3D assets are textured with the intent to make it look cartoony like a comic book. When starting the game you’ll be given the choice between 4-6 Vault Hunters depending on if you have bought the dlc’s along with the game.

The whole point of the game is to kill the main villain Handsome Jack who’s whole idea/game plan is to charge a key to the alien vault and then control the alien monster that comes out of it. However he didn’t count on you (The Vault Hunters)being total bad-asses and ruining his who operation.

Meaning is created in this game by the developers texturing the environments in such a way that it’s almost like they were taking the Micky, joking around and just plain having fun when making it. whilst playing it does convey that they had fun during the making of these environments. The colours themselves also show a contrast as you usually wouldn’t see orange and purple together.



Overall I think that there were many different ways and the way each meaning is presented has perfectly fit the criteria it needed too. I’ve learned that there are many different ways in which the many many different meanings can be conveyed.