Why I want to be in the Games Development Course?

A long time ago, there was me, at a very young age. I live and breathed games, everything i did involved games, i went outside; I played Football or Man hunt. Whilst being inside i found myself playing games non-stop; some of those games were: Need for speed hot pursuit, Crash Bandicoot etc etc. So I’ve always been involved with games. When playing the games, One of the first things I would always notice is the 3d models and animations first. Since growing up, I’ve always wanted to be able to do those kinds of things myself, through this course I’ll be able to achieve that.

One of most passionate games.

One of the main gaming passions I’ve had/still have would have to be League of Legends. I have been playing league of legends for coming up about 4 years now.  Riot Games is an american video games developer, publisher and Tournament organizer  (The company that produced League of Legends) is coming up ten years old now, however League of Legends wasn’t officially released until October, 2009. during its time, It is one of the biggest esports games as of right now, it still is. Over the course of the almost 7 years of its existence, it’s had numerous world finals and different international tournaments where the different teams would be flown out to play in the very exotic and beautiful places; These include Germany, France, London, Korea, Japan. In 2014 alone, there was 16 teams competing for a $2.13 million prize pool within Taiwan, Singapore and South Korea for 3 different tournaments alone.

This is a photo of a Typical League of Legends stadium, during a Tournament.                                  This is a little Informational video, to catch you up in case you don’t know what League of Legends is.

My Career Goals + Aspirations.

I hope to become really good at 3D designs, Animations and Modeling. I wish to complete this two year course here at Canterbury college, and then perhaps go on to University to get a degree, or to start work as a games developer. I strive to better myself so that i can produce better quality work and be a more efficient employee.