Games Development.

Work for Gabby to help me sort.


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This blog post shows My work for the Units 9 and 10.

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Unit 11

Inside this blog post shows all of my work from unit 11’s tasks.

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Units 9 and 10

This post below shows the work that I have been tasked to complete from units 9 and 10.

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Extended Project Final Portfolio

Year One Portfolio draft 17

Week 7

This post is to show my drafts of my year one portfolio which will be updated throughout the weeks.

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Extended Project Week 5 Designing and interpreting research 2.2

This week for our tasks we had to write about what research we would be taking part in, as well as analyzing/explaining just what we have learned from our research.

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Extended Project week 4 | 2.1

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Extended Project Week 3 | 1.1

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